2012 eLearning news

Welcome to 2012. At Epsom there is a lot happening in 2012. First we have shared the lab around the school and given away our older Macs to loving families. We are looking at elearning being just another part of the everyday classroom and included in all subject areas. Prep-2 classes will have access to desktops, laptops and iPods. While grade 3/4 students will have acccess to a 1:1 iPad program along with laptops and our grade 5/6 students will have access to netbooks and desktop computers.

Integration of ICT information and communication technology across all learning areas when appropriate means students can access the world and express themselves in ways that were never possible before.  This combined with the use of collaboration between learners from around the globe will make for a very interesting year at Epsom.

The ultranet will continue to be a portal where much of our work will be placed and parents will be encouraged to access their students’ sites and spaces. Even as I speak there are students busily adding to their spaces in the ultranet.

We will begin the year by familiarising ourselves with the user agreements for ICT use at Epsom and within the DEECD and global communities.



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