Cybersafety competition

After our great Cybersafety session with ACMA last week we have 30 drink bottles to give away. If you would like to be in the draw submit your best Cybersafety tip in the comments. Add your first name and grade so I can give you a ticket to go in the draw. Entries will close on Monday 25th February and the draw will be on Feb 27th when our Cybersafety expert Tony Richards comes to Epsom to help us learn even more about safety. Good luck!


28 thoughts on “Cybersafety competition

  1. If you dont wont to be cyber bullyed dont talk to people on the internet that you dont know.And dont be mean to people or they could get angry and you cant take it back once its there, is there forever!

  2. 1. Something I learnt is: if getting cyber bullying you are better of to tell a grown up or a bigger person then they could sort it out with you

    If you use facebook or anything never put your full name, last name and if you are going somewhere never put it on the Internet because some one could start following you everywhere. Never talk to people that you don’t know.

  3. Dear Mrs Ashby cyber bulyling on the computer is very bad for you you can get into fights and it can kill you

    From Milly

  4. Never be mean to anyone. Because it can follow them for the rest of their life and they can end up killing them self. Just cause you did a little thing to that person.

  5. If your on facebook, don’t add people that you don’t know. If you do they might hack you and humiliate you.

  6. If your on Facebook, don’t add people you don’t know, they could humiliate you. If you don’t know them, they are not your friend.

  7. Cyber bullying is a thing which upsets you or it gets you to do scams. For example; someone might say that you won a million dollars and you think it’s true and you give your bank accounts when they say and they have access to all your money. Don’t ever fall for these scams!

  8. Dear Mrs Ashby,
    My best cyber safety tip is don’t show aney one you passcode.

    From jorja H 3/4 d

  9. Dear Mrs Ashby,
    My best cyber safety tip is
    Create a hard password so hackers can get in
    From Aidan

  10. Don’t click on anything you don’t know or understand and if there is something you don’t understand ask a parent or teacher.
    Liam w 3/4D

  11. Hello everybody,
    My tip is to only add people as your friends if you really know who they are.If you add strangers they could hack you,give you a spam or even take over your whole computer.

    From JackC GR 5/6B

  12. Always ask a parent or teacher if you are not sure of anything when you are on the Internet.

    Campbell 1/2 O

  13. Dear Mrs Ashby,

    Our cybersafety tip is to never add anyone to Facebook or a site you haven’t physicaly met. Also make sure you Facebook is set to friends not public.
    Asher and Breeza

  14. On wednesday the 27th of February we went to meet Tony. We learnt something that was very inpertent on cybersafety. We learnt the if you see a message on facebook and they are a stanger then you do not text or call them.
    From Layla 3/4 Davey

  15. Dear Epsom ps
    Today with Tony I lerned that some people do cyber bullying without knowing that they do it.
    From your blogging buddy Daniel 🙂

  16. Holly Class say…NEVER give out personnal information to anyone you do not know!

    DO NOT Cyber bully…it is mean!

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