Google apps for education (GAFE)

We are using google apps for education with the children from grade 3 to 6. Google apps gives the students access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email, website creation and calendars. They can access their account on any device and even at home on your computers or devices.
Google apps allows for collaboration as students and teachers can easily share documents between themselves and can even co-create documents and presentations. Google apps is being used at Epsom PS with our domain name to organise the users. So we have our own google world inside the big google world. It lets us connect to people in Epsom very easily.
Teachers can also give great feedback to students on their work via comments and even voice. Perhaps the students can show their parents what it’s all about at home.
Students can work at home and create all sorts of great things including their own website.


One thought on “Google apps for education (GAFE)

  1. Congratulations on adopting a powerful cloud based suite like Google Apps for Education. Now your staff, students and parents will find it even easier to communicate, share and collaborate. I look forward to learning from Epsom Primary School’s experience.

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