New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Easy Blog PhotoWe have been accepted into the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. This is a global project that focuses on developing the 21st century skills of Global Citizenship, Collaboration, Character, Communication, Creativity & Imagination, Real world Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Knowledge Construction.

It’s going to be great with teachers and students planning together interesting and engaging learning projects that will enable skills for those seven 21st century characteristics that are very important for our students to live in our world today.

We want our students to love learning, to do real projects looking at real world problems and making decisions and choices about their learning.

Here’s a link for more information about the project


Google apps for education (GAFE)

We are using google apps for education with the children from grade 3 to 6. Google apps gives the students access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email, website creation and calendars. They can access their account on any device and even at home on your computers or devices.
Google apps allows for collaboration as students and teachers can easily share documents between themselves and can even co-create documents and presentations. Google apps is being used at Epsom PS with our domain name to organise the users. So we have our own google world inside the big google world. It lets us connect to people in Epsom very easily.
Teachers can also give great feedback to students on their work via comments and even voice. Perhaps the students can show their parents what it’s all about at home.
Students can work at home and create all sorts of great things including their own website.


Skype Around the World in 24 hours 2013-2

Yes we are skyping the world again on Dec 6th 2013. Mrs Brunswick’s class will host the skype. We are talking about neighbours and the question we are wondering about is, “Do we need neighbours?” we are also thinking on a global level and are wondering who are your neighbours to your country? As an added bonus because this #SAW24 (Skype around the world in 24 hours) is in Dec we’ll also be sharing some of our celebration traditions we have in Australia. We’d love to hear what you celebrate also in your country and perhaps some traditinal ways you celebrate events important in your country.

We make a roster up so we skype you in your school day. We get to wake over at school skyping all the time zones around the world. Luckily the next day for us is saturday.

We also create a wiki to support #SAW24 with instructions for the skype session, a page for your school to add information, images, video etc, some ideas for learning from the skype, a data page so we can compare our school and country to yours and of course a shared map so you can place your pin on the map and we can see where you are on our wonderful planet.
Here is our wiki from our earlier skype around the world in 2013 if you have a look you will see how it works.

We welcome all classes up to year 10 to join us in our 24 hour skype and hope you will fill in the form below and join our #saw24. We will email you access to the wiki in the coming weeks so you can begin to add to your page so keep checking your emails. Make sure you scroll down on the form to fill in your details so we can contact you.

Thank you and we look forward to learning with you during our 24 hour skype.

Register here


The grade 5/6 community has begun to use scratch which is a programming website thst allows the user to program sprites on the screen. Games can be created while programing language and thinking are developed. This is a great introduction for the children into programming. Why should our children consider programming?
Watch this Youtube video and see what’s being said about programming. What most schools don’t teach

Next week we will be having a google hangout with 3 other schools to find out more about scratch.  Students from the three other schools will be sharing some projects with us and giving us tips for using scratch.

May the Force be with You

Grade 3/4’s have begun investigating about forces.  As many students have Angry birds on their iPads they were set the task to take some screen shots showing push and pull.  This was tricky to take a screen shot so it worked very well for those who did not have angry birds as they could be the photographers taking the screen shot while the other person held the sling shot back.  Then the picture was emailed to the student who didn’t have angry birds. The pictures were put into explain everything and then audio and annotations added to explain where push and pull was occuring.  This was their first activity about forces.

Here is a sample of their work.




Grade 5/6P have been investigating Wolframalpha and comparing countries’ data including land areas, population and even GDP.  They have seen how easily we can find interesting data about many topics and this will be useful for fact finding work.  The next step is drawing meaning from the data.  This is where we are comparing Australia to other countries.  World ranking status was interesting for the 5/6’s. Finding the data is easy, asking the appropriate question is a very important skill and then finally being able to interpret and add meaning to the data is where we need more focus. Here is an example of our findings.

Compare Australia and China