KidPix and Maths

One of our oldest applications, Kidpix Mackiev, which is on the laptops is being used at the moment for students to represent addition problems. They are then adding the pictures to a slideshow and exporting them out for iPods so we can view them on the iPods. We are moving them to the iPods via and we also investigated using email but we decided we wanted to have the slideshows in the one file in dropbox.  When the children send their work to sendtodropbox they put in 10 for the subject and all their filees will be in a folder called 10.

Here is an example of a finshed product by Lachlan. Its a work still in progress so some feedback for Lachlan would be great.
Adding to 10

Grade 1/2

The grade 1/2 learning community have begun investigating China.  They began the unit by collaborating on the wallwisher site and contributing their wonderings.  Wallwisher is great for collaboarating together and there is also an app called Lino that allows students to collaborate in a similar way on the ipads or ipods.  Here is the link for the wallwisher.


Olympics Learning

Yes it’s Olympics time again and for many of our students it’s their first real Olympics that they will remember.  There is so much information to find out about and to share with others. How do our You Can Do It values relate to the Olympics? Persistence, Confidence, Getting Along, Organisation and Resilience.

The grade one and two’s are working on a voicethread.  Voicethread is a site that allows you to add pictures and then comments via text, audio or video.  Each student has created an avatar for themselves rather than displaying their real photo which could be stolen as a part of an identity theft.

Check out the Olympic avatars grade 1/2H created yesterday.

Student Conference Series

We have had an exciting term with our students presenting on the BlackBoard Collaborate online conferencing series.  This series invloved different classes around the world and students presenting about their interests.  It is a new skill to be able to present online and our students have done a great job so far.

The presentations are all recorded so if you click on this link it will take you to the Student Conference Series Blog website that has the links to the presentations.  We are hoping to do more next term.


2012 eLearning news

Welcome to 2012. At Epsom there is a lot happening in 2012. First we have shared the lab around the school and given away our older Macs to loving families. We are looking at elearning being just another part of the everyday classroom and included in all subject areas. Prep-2 classes will have access to desktops, laptops and iPods. While grade 3/4 students will have acccess to a 1:1 iPad program along with laptops and our grade 5/6 students will have access to netbooks and desktop computers.

Integration of ICT information and communication technology across all learning areas when appropriate means students can access the world and express themselves in ways that were never possible before.  This combined with the use of collaboration between learners from around the globe will make for a very interesting year at Epsom.

The ultranet will continue to be a portal where much of our work will be placed and parents will be encouraged to access their students’ sites and spaces. Even as I speak there are students busily adding to their spaces in the ultranet.

We will begin the year by familiarising ourselves with the user agreements for ICT use at Epsom and within the DEECD and global communities.



ICT learning

We have been learning lots of new skills while we have been using the ultranet. Here is a list of our learnings
1. We have learned to change our backgrounds by getting the URL, putting into a CSS code generator, putting that into the look and feel tab under advanced styling and then saving and updating the site.

2. We have learned how to use different portlets on our spaces like, iframes, blogs, publication displays, polls displays and calendars.

3. We also learned how to embed different heading styles that are animated on our spaces.

4. We can now log on much faster and it isn’t an issue anymore.

5. We have assessed and validated websites to see if they are suitable for our spaces.

6. We have created our own spaces in the collaborative space.

7. We have learned how to join collaborative spaces.

8. We have learned how to add wikis and pages to our wiki.

9. Also we have learned how to up load pictures to the ultranet.

10. We have learned to be very persistent.

Ultranet Happenings

Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 11.41.51 AM

We are continuing to persist with the Ultranet while it is still having some bugs ironed out of the system.  We have been able to create our ePortfolios and add pages for many different areas of learning.  To jazz it up a bit we have added vokis which allow a voice and character to tell something to the viewer.  The students have enjoyed adding the vokis to their eportfolios and adding a Mr Palmer voki was great fun.

As the year progresses and we add more to our ultranet spaces, parents will also be given their own passwords so they can look at their children’s learning portfolios.  If the children can remember their passwords and usernames they can show their parents the work we are creating.