ICT learning

We have been learning lots of new skills while we have been using the ultranet. Here is a list of our learnings
1. We have learned to change our backgrounds by getting the URL, putting into a CSS code generator, putting that into the look and feel tab under advanced styling and then saving and updating the site.

2. We have learned how to use different portlets on our spaces like, iframes, blogs, publication displays, polls displays and calendars.

3. We also learned how to embed different heading styles that are animated on our spaces.

4. We can now log on much faster and it isn’t an issue anymore.

5. We have assessed and validated websites to see if they are suitable for our spaces.

6. We have created our own spaces in the collaborative space.

7. We have learned how to join collaborative spaces.

8. We have learned how to add wikis and pages to our wiki.

9. Also we have learned how to up load pictures to the ultranet.

10. We have learned to be very persistent.